I run my K3, which has the KIO3B upgrade , making it like a K3S. I usually have the K3 USB coming int through another USB hub. (Note that KIO3B has in internal hub branching out to a USB Audio Codec, and a FTDI USB <--> RS232 interface. As such, all the RS232 parameters in wsjt-x are used, so it is important that they are set correctly.

I did have to fiddle with the driver configuration on my MacBook, probably because I installed a FTDI driver before Apple started providing one with the system, and 2 drivers confused things. (I don't know if Windows has a similar issue, but I understand that recent releases of Windows include a FTDI driver.)

I do all kinds of things with my computer, mostly downloading and reading email, while my FT8 contacts complete themselves.

If you had a K3 without the KIO3B upgrade, you should be able to get wsjt-x to control the rig through the CAT interface using a USB <--> RS232 converter (brand Elecraft recommended). Really, the things you are buying with the KIO3B are fewer cables and fewer audio level adjustments.

73 Bill AE6JV

On 2/23/18 at 6:16 AM, rmcg...@blomand.net (Bob McGraw K4TAX) wrote:

 I'm not running any other applications such as JT Alert, N1NM, etc.  The computer is connected direct to the K3S with no router, or splitter, or hub  and such in the path.

On 2/23/18 at 6:58 AM, jstengrev...@comcast.net (John Stengrevics) wrote:

I’m connecting via USB.
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