Time to update and organize the Shack. I currently have 

Icom 756 Pro III
Icom 7100
KX3 with Panadaptor  
 Ameritron 811

Work SSB and digital modes
QRP with the KX3 battery and solar
Not a contestor and not good enough yet for CW

Upgrade options 
Sell 7100 and buy KPA 100 or Icom 7300
Sell 756 and buy KPA 100 or Icom 7300
Sell both and buy both
Really love the KX3 and Px3. The KPA 100 would be good fo field day and field 
setups but would not be able to connect to the 811
The 7300 would add the panadaptor and be able to connect to the 811 but not 
have the portable options of the KX3

What do I loose if I give up the 756?  


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