I use VACO lugs and crimping tools.  These are found at electronic supply houses.    For DC power and ground bonding of station equipment, I use #10 AWG auto primary wire.  It is available in multiple colors and has fine strands making it flexible and easy to work with.

I also flow solder into the crimped sleeve area starting with the ring side and NOT the wire side.    Don't allow much if any solder to wick into the wire as it will stiffen and can break with repeated movements.


Bob, K4TAX

Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 10:33:57 -0500
From:"j...@kk9a.com"  <j...@kk9a.com>
Subject: [Elecraft] A momentary BAT LOW warning
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I am glad that you found the problem relatively easily Barry.

I am wondering who makes quality lugs and crimping tools?  I am not
impressed with the ones that I buy at the big box stores.

John KK9A

Barry w2up wrote:


I wasn't using the Astron-supplied lug.  I crimped another lug onto the
cable.  Somehow, the wire within the crimp worked itself loose, after 10+

Barry W2UP

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