Please consider joining us for the weekly Elecraft SSB Net on Sundays at
18:00z (UTC) on 14.303.5.  Note that for states that have Daylight Savings
Time the local time will change to an hour later, but the UTC time (18:00z)
remains the same.

Net control, Eric WB9JNZ, sends the report for this last week’s net, which was 
somewhat challenging given the contest.


John, N6JW

Elecraft SSB Net 3-4-2018

WB9JNZ Eric IL K3 4017 Net Control

NS7P Phil OR K3 1826

W4RKS Jim TX K3 3618

NC0JW/M Jim AZ KX3 1356

N6JW/M John KX3 515

W7REK Glenn AZ K3 2843

K7JG John WA KX3 3519

W7QHD Kurt CA KX3 8697

WM5F Dwight ID KX3 8045

KL7BR Rick ID KX3 3160

K7RQN Robert AZ Heathkit 101 AL 811

K6PGQ Bob CA K3 5891

KS6F Guy CA K3S 10150

AE6JV Bill CA K3 6299
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