Yes, certainly a move from vacuum-tube to solid-state will happen. I am doing that on 2m, selling my 8877 amp and replacing it with a 1200w W6PQL LDMOS amp.

My reasons are to be able to remote locate the amp to the tower base (eliminating blower noise and HVPS). This also eliminates long expensive low-loss coax lines. 4w will drive the new 2m amp to 1200w.

The 75% of new price sounds in the ball park for a used KPA500. And I do not think over-supply of used amps will submerge the price by much - quality is valued! I think back to Collins in years past.

73, Ed - KL7UW

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I bought my KPA500+KAT500 combo (great used condition, but power calibration
was way off) for $2100 shipped on 3/14/2017. I have seen several sell on QRZ
since then. If you keep watching there, you will find some. I just used
their "search" function to see some recent deals. One KPA500 went for $1750
on 2/5/2018. I have seen sellers asking $1900 not long ago; don't know it
they got that much. My impression is that the price is neither going up nor
down. Compared to the KPA1500 the price and capability differences are very
great, and the two markets are mostly separate. Many people probably go from
1.5kW HF tube amp's to the KPA1500. Someone interested in 6m legal limit
gets quite a deal compared to spending $$$ on a 6m-only legal limit amp.
Erik K7TV

73, Ed - KL7UW
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