Good news!  I swapped out the 1ft jumper for a 20ft jumper and moved the
balun.... problem solved!  Thanks all for you help!

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 7:19 AM, Alan Lambert <> wrote:

> I recently acquired a KP500/KAT500 for use with my Kx3/KXPa100. I know
> the person I bought it from well and I am 99.9999% sure it is not an
> issue with the amp or tuner.
>  I was making some notes (a chart) for input to output power levels,
> mostly just to ‘get to know’ the amp a little better.  At the time of
> these issues, I was on 80m SSB and the Kat500 was showing 1:1 / 1.2:1.
> The output watts  I have listed below are not ‘actuals’ I’m just
> recalling them from memory so may be off a few watts.
> I set the Kx3 to 8w and called “test test test 1 2 3  kn4bbc” I showed
> ~80w out with a 1:1 to 1.2:1 SWR.. GREAT!
> Moved up to 9w and got 100w out… same SWR – more Great!
> 10w I got 175w same SWR – sill looking good!
> 11w I got  250w same SWR – Awesome!
> Now this is where the problem comes in.
> I set to 12w… As I starting calling my “test test test 1 2 3…”  At
> first things looked great..I was getting 300w same SWR  but then
> suddenly I get high SWR followed by  “High Refl” on the KPA5, fault
> light comes on and I get warning tones.
> So I tuned the KAT500 again and tried the whole thing again with the
> same results.
> Gear wise:
> KX3/Kxpa100 with ATU disabled > KPA500/KAT500.
> Ant1 on Kat500  >  1ft LMR400 jumper >  1:1 ATU Current Balun  > 225
> feet of 450 ladder line > a ½ wave 80m center fed, inverted V  dipole.
> Center point is ~90 feet off ground.
> The Balun is a Balun Designs Model 1161
> The shack is on 2nd floor in middle of the house and has no exterior walls.
> The ladder line starts in the shack, there is about 2 feet  of in the
> shack then enters my attic space thru and opening in a sheetrock wall.
> Inside the attic space there is a long slow, wide loop about 50 feet
> long. I was careful to keep it away from metals and it does not cross
> itself however some of it  is lying on top of plywood. From there its
> exits the house in the ridge cap at the tip top of the roof at about
> (40 feet off ground)  The ladder line then hangs from a rope that runs
> from the eve to the tree line about 175 feet away which is where the
> center point of the dipole is.  In short 175 feet outside 50 feet
> inside.
> Ideas of what my problem might be?
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