I still use my ears.

And I don't use skimmer, automatic tuning via spots, remote stations, etc.  I also have only a single receiver K3S, KPA500 and very modest antennas. (See my QRZ page)  Yet for example in the last few days, I've managed to work XR0YD on all bands and modes they've operated on that count*, except for 40-meter SSB.  (25 of 33 slots)

I do have a K-Pod but for me the knob just gets in the way of the buttons and I never use it.

* I broke down and worked them on a couple of slots on FT8 just for the heck of it, but I won't claim them.


On 3/13/2018 3:07 AM, Bill Rowlett wrote:
What happened to using your ears to find the station being worked?

73 Bill  KC4IM

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