Maybe some are worried the Sunspots will return before the KPA1500 arrives at their door..??

Makes me somewhat relieved I have not ordered a KPA1500 yet (insert drool here !). Had I placed an order fronting the Elecraft team MY $6,000.00;  I would be right up there with the leaders of the " whining and crying club" wanting to know WHEN WHEN WHEN....

Christmas is only 266 days and a wake up (+ or - 2dB, as Lenkurt used to say in the alignment manual for their point to point microwave communications equipment; back in the 1970s or E=mc2 + or - 2dB had Einstein been a Lenkurt Engineer).

Jim AC0E

James Douglass AC0E
PO Box 506
Garden City, Kansas 67846
620.272.7620 cell/text

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