The Grim Reaper’s scythe has slipped between us most finely. Cutting the best from amongst us. It is so very sad, we have lost so many but acknowledge only the few :( WB3AAL or to me, “AAL” has gone Silent Key. Each time I lose someone it seems to hurt just a little more. Most of you I have never seen. I have never been in the same room as you. Why do we feel such fellowship? Just little bits of RF we turn on and off. Why does that connect us like brothers? The tightest kinship seems to be those we can just barely hear. A guy like Ron who could never run his rig (K2:SN #1392) above 5 watts. I offered to help with larger batteries but he always declined :) Propagation permitting Mr. Ron Polityka was always easy copy. Fine signal, better fist. You will be missed :(

VY 73,

    Kevin. KD5ONS

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