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Fred, I’ve just appended my copy of your book to read: The Hitchhikers’ Guide 
to the Elecraft KX2.

Thank you!
^_^ Joan

FB es 73 =  KE7X de KX2CW  kn   . .

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What makes the KE7X Elecraft book different than the Elecraft owner’s manuals?
Let’s start by saying the KE7X books do not have any information needed to 
operate the radios that is not in the Elecraft Owner’s manuals.  Owner’s 
manuals are by design succinct and concise descriptions of the controls and 
features of the radio.  Elecraft manuals are very well done but I found during 
my 40+ years as an EE prof that there are various ways that people learn.  Some 
are visual learners and learn by seeing diagrams and images, some can gain 
comprehension just be reading.  Others are more hands-on learners, needing the 
“lab experience” to cement their understanding of the concepts.  I’m a visual 
and hands-on learner.  When I first got my K3 I had trouble understanding how 
the sub receiver worked and what the different antenna switching options were.  
So I drew it out in a diagram and that made it much more clear to me.  If that 
helped me, wouldn’t it help others?  So the idea of a K3 book was born.  (The 
original title was to be “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the K3” but I got talked 
out of that!)
The concept that takes these books beyond the Elecraft manuals is support for 
the visual, reading, and doing learning styles.    There are many, many 
diagrams.   In the K3S book there are 131 diagrams, 16 on the sub receiver 
alone.  There are expanded explanations (and diagrams) for all radio operations 
and in-depth explanations of topics such as the various controls for the 
receiver’s AGC.  And to top it all off, most topics have a “lab exercise” that 
you can do sitting at your radio to make sure you understand the concept.
The printed versions of the books all have an index and, of course, the pdf 
versions can be easily searched for what you are looking for.<><> has more information on 
all 12 current KE7X Elecraft books with tables of contents and ordering 



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Fred and all,

Can you describe in general how your books differ from Elecraft manuals?
 I haven't found Elecaft manuals to be lacking and very much like how
direct and concise they are.  Your books are popular, making me wonder
what you've added?

Tnx es 73!
Mike ab3ap

On 04/07/2018 11:39 AM, Cady, Fred wrote:
Hi Neil

No never did a K2 book.

Sorry the 15% discount at Lulu doesn't apply to pdf files.

The K3S, KX3, and KX2 hard copy books are only available through Elecraft.  
Sorry about that too.

Fred KE7X
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