This should not matter pressing the XMIT button.


John KK9A

Dave Sublette k4to.dave at

Are you in CW mode? If so, is VOX enabled?


>> On 04/09/2018 08:31 AM, Martin Sole wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> My K3 died today, somehow. The radio works fine on receive and appears
>>> to transmit just there is no power indication on my external meter or on
>>> the front panel when pressing TUNE. There is ALC indication but no power
>>> out indication.The only thing I did different was to switch off the
>>> before the radio, something I normally never do. Having noted others
>>> issues with that I reloaded the firmware. Still no output. Starting to
>>> think that somehow the PA is fried or possibly the driver as there is
>>> nothing from the 10 watt PA either. Tried turning the power down and
>>> putting the KPA3 into bypass. Still no power output. Not sure what
else to
>>> try before I tear into it. Was going great, worked 3B7A on 3 bands
today no
>>> problem.
>>> Suggestions appreciated.
>>> Thanks
>>> Martin, HS0ZED

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