Good evening everyone.....
I just added a used KAT500 to my lineup (waiting for the KPA1500 backlog to 
clear before I order) and it's working great.  

The person that I purchase it from did not include the RS232 cable that has the 
small data jack on the one end to program the KAT500.
I use one line to the coax switch at the tower so I need the KAT500 to remain 
on the same antenna port.  The previous owner used all of the antenna 
connections so as I change bands on the K3, the KAT500 follows, as it should, 
and selects the antenna port previously programmed.
I believe I am suppose to be able to program this manually but I'm not able to 
get the antenna port to remain as I change bands.
My quesitons....Can I program the KAT500 through the PC connection to the 
KPA500 (I haven't tried that yet)?  Do I need to order the cable from Elecraft? 
 Can I do this manually and I just didn't follow the instructions correctly?
Thanks everyone.
Larry, KN8N

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