Make sure the internal cables with the little TNC connectors are all
seated properly. A poor shield connection can contribute to birdies. Oxidation or vibration could create this condition over time.

Victor, 4X6GP
Rehovot, Israel
Formerly K2VCO

On 11 Apr 2018 05:47, Don Sayler wrote:
Hi All.

I've been monitoring this list for a while, and have gained some
useful insights from the posts. And now I have a question...

I built my K3S #11310 last July, and I added the 100 watt amp and
sub-receiver last December.

A few weeks ago, I started hearing some unusual tones around 14380
KHz and 7259 KHz. The tones are much louder on 14380 than on 7259. At
14380, I hear a lower-pitched tone on 14279.80, and a higher pitched
tone 14279.85. I hear both of these with no antenna connected. On
40m, the tone is quiet enough that the background noise overcomes the
tone. But on 20m, the tones are quite loud. I also hear the tones on
the sub-receiver.

Prior to a few weeks ago, I'm certain these tones were not present. I
saw the thread from 2012 about moving cables around in a K3, but if
there was a build problem, wouldn't these sounds have appeared
immediately? My routers are far away from my shack, and there is no
new equipment in the shack.

Any thoughts?


Don Sayler W7OXR Kirkland WA

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