On 4/11/2018 10:30 AM, Bill Frantz wrote:

> I have a TGE Boost Regulator* connected to lead-acid batteries powering
> my K3. The boost regulator is set for 13.7V which drops to 13.3V during
> 100W CW key down. The device is connected to the radio with about 30cm
> (1 ft) of #10 zip cord and PowerPoles.

I use the Boost-Regulator for my transceivers, set for 14.1V because of
the lead lengths to the load breaker panel and from there to the
connected devices.  The input to the regulator is normally 13.8V from a
supposedly-regulated AC power supply and float battery arrangement.

> Car stereo installers may be a good source for flexible heavy gage wire.

That's one source. I use the local marine supply company store -
marine-grade wire is far more flexible than standard "stranded" wire or
"zip cord"..
> Also, PowerPole has some "75A" connectors which are a lot more robust
> (and not plug compatible) than the 15/30/45A ones generally seen.

Adapters are available.

73 de K2ASP - Phil Kane
Elecraft K2/100   s/n 5402

>From a Clearing in the Silicon Forest
Beaverton (Washington County) Oregon
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