I have never seen the Powerpole adapter but that seems like and elegant
solution. You could even use 6awg wire with that connector if you had a
longer power supply/battery cable.

John KK9A

Phil Kane k2asp wrote:

On 4/11/2018 9:14 AM, Don Wilhelm wrote:
> John and all,
> You can splice a short (3 to 4 inches) length of #12 wire to the #8 or
> #10 wire and it will not have negligible voltage drop due to the short
> length.

Or use an APP 75A fitting with 8 AWG wire and the APP 75A-30A reducing
adapter (with or without the above-recommended pigtail) to the 30A-size
fitting on the transceiver (I do that for my K2/100).  The battery and
power-supply leads to my distribution system, however, are 4 AWG with
crimped lugs and stud mounts.

73 de K2ASP - Phil Kane
Elecraft K2/100   s/n 5402

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