Hello all!

Long time no mailing list...   I have a nice, vintage K2,  that I want to spruce up, tune up, and bring back to it's full MOJO.   Kind of a it's not dead yet,  it's just resting.   Actually, it's been in use, off and on over the years,  am now getting more serious about plying the airwaves.

Been looking over the various places of K2 lore, for updates and so forth,  Sverre's site, Don's, and of course the Elecraft site.

First order of business ,  is it possible to have my S/N looked up?   Found a database that I don't seem to be in,  found that the Elecraft list archives go back to 2001,  but I'm not finding a post of mine in there,  so hopefully the Elecraft Records Repository would still contain it somewhere. Then I can proudly post it on the bottom of my mails, like it was done back in the day.  ;-)

Next,  I have a range of boards for it, the NB, SSB, Antenna tuner, 160m antenna, and just built my long languishing KIO2 kit, to bring this K2-10 into the 21 (20th?) century.   I have started to go thru them and see if I have all the mods and etc that should be done on them,  have done many already,  but back about '03-04.  Guess this is just a matter of looking things up,  though I have a few questions there and probably will have more.

Another next,  I've been having difficulty checking to see which versions of firmware are the latest,  and what the various versions add.  Is there a version change log or something like that?

Here's what I have so far,  looks like the two main ones are down a bit,  but I don't know what I'm missing,  or if I really need the updates.

MCU    2.01f
RF        1.02
KSB2    1.04
ATU     1.03 f

Here's the PCB versions marked on the boards:

Main     rev A
Control rev A
ATU     rev C (note, the board does NOT match the picture of the recent note stating some cut and jumper rework should be done on a rev C)
NB and 160m  rev D
SSB    don't have,  will have to yank it to read

So, the beginning of a journey.   Will greatly appreciate whatever tips and directions I could be pointed in.

Jon - KA6MOK   K2 #????
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