While those connections and settings may work, I see 2 things that can be considered improvements.

First is to use DATA A - its default sideband is USB and it turns off compression and EQ leaving your normal SSB EQ and Compression settings as you choose.

Secondly, using DATA A turns the MIC input into a LINE Input which will make the MIC Gain settings more mid-range. A low setting of 3 does not have very fine granularity which may give trouble setting the KX2 ALC to 4 bars with the 5th bar flashing.

Also in may be better to lower the audio levels elsewhere in the system. This is basically a soundcard audio application, so the information on my website may be helpful - on my site, scroll down the left column to the last entry and click to open that link. It has information on setting the various audio controls that may be available (set them to mid-range to start).


On 4/12/2018 7:10 AM, Erlend Grimseid wrote:
Finally something i can help with. :)

I have used an scs DR 7400 modem with my KX3 for some time,  with great

The first thing you would need to do is to make an cable to connect the tnc
to the radio. I made an custom plugg of two stereo male plugs and one
female. From the head phones connector i connected one side to the cable
going to the tnc, and one side to the female connector for monitoring.
Remember to hook up the ptt line as pactor is really sensitive to ptt
timing. All molded in polymorph plastic.

If anyone is interested i could make a quick write up on my blog.

Then for settings. I suspect that the kx2 would be similar to my kx3.

And credit where credit is due. I got this from Greg VA7BC.

On radio (KX3):
-MODE: USB or USB Digital
-COMPression: OFF
-Turn MIC gain off then gradually increase during PACTOR transmission so
that 4 ALC bars are lit
and the 5th bar may flash occasional. For me, MIC=3 does this
-AF gain = 2

Also remember to turn off vox, and sett mic button to ptt BEFORE entering
Digital mode on the kx3. I dont know with the KX2, but with the KX3 I could
not change this after switching to data mode. This might have changed with
software updates. I have't checked.

In RMS-express select radio K3 as the dont support KX3. I dont know if this
will work with the KX2.

Give me a line if you have any questions or if anyone is interested in a
blog post on this subject.

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