I have a recently assembled very basic K3S which suddenly developed,
overnight, an issue with the display.  I turned it on this morning and the
display was completely blank, fully lit as in not dark.  It stayed blank for
a bit so I turned it off.  When I turned it back on, some pixels were dark
but it was mostly blank.  I cycled power again and it came back to normal


This is of course, Saturday, and home base is not available.  Has anyone
seen this before and can point me to something I can do while waiting for
home base to open Monday.


The radio has the following options:  K3EXREF, K144XV and the module tying
the K144XV to the K3EXREF controlled synthesizer.


A second problem has also surfaced, the blinking asterisk indicating that a
suitable signal from the external 10 MHz source is not making it into the
system.  The 10 MHz source is OK as it works fine with another K3.  There
must be a connection problem inside the radio.  Unless there is something I
need to do to enable it that I missed.


Again, this is a 10 watt K3S.




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