Elecraft KX3, S/N 8769, purchased as a kit 2 years ago. It has had light 
usage either at home or at a summer rental.  It includes the following:

KXFL3 dual-passband roofing filters, aligned at factory,
KXAT3 internal tuner,
KXBC3 internal NIMH charger/real-time clock,
KX3-PCKT cable set,
KXUSBa USB to serial cable,
MH3 microphone,
Power cable,
All assembly and operating manuals,
SideKX side panels, paddle port cover and clear plastic cover,
Right-angle BNC connector,
Set of 8 Panasonic Eneloop NiMH batteries, very few cycles,
Fred Cady book "The Portable KX3",
Has the Elecraft improved heat sink design but not after-market heat     

This unit has had the VFO Extended Temperature Compensation for 
digital modes and latest firmware.

Works 100%, no scratches or marks on it. I can send additional pictures. Great 
rig just not using enough. 
Price $1200 shipped, OBO. PalPal OK or Postal money order. No returns. Can also 
within 1 hour of Philadelphia at reduced price.


Phil N3ZP
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