If you have no DVR messages recorded, there should be nothing in the M1-M4 message memories for voice modes - if there is, whatever is stored is of no use and can be ignored (no need to clear them). You can still record CW messages for CW and DATA modes if you switch to that mode. Or, you can use the CW message entries available in K3 Utility. If recording for possible use with DATA modes, put a "|" character at the end of the text. It will be ignored for CW, but on DATA modes it will cause an immediate return the receive without a 4 second "diddle" time.

You may use K3 Utility to store CW and DATA mode messages if your CW keying is not perfect.

The M1-M4 buttons can also be used for frequency, mode, etc. storage and retrieved with a M>V button then a tap on the M1-M4 button. I use the M1 button to store a frequency and mode for CW in the middle of the CW band segment, M2 for a frequency in the SSB band segment and M3 for a frequency in the DATA mode segment. I reserve M4 for a frequency I run across while scanning the band and record any frequency I want to return to quickly. Those are per band memory buttons.

The frequency, mode M1-M4 buttons do not interfere with the use of the buttons for retrieving message storage.


On 4/14/2018 4:35 PM, Michael Blake wrote:
I do not have the DVR option in my K3s but have used two of the buttons, M1 & 
M2, as programmable macro buttons.  I would like to clear these buttons but have 
not found a way to do so.

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