Hi Don, 

Thanks for clarifying that. This is an easy one. I'll just send both
channels to the output port, but reversed, so the right channel still
becomes the left for the second speaker. Since they're both carrying the
same signal, it doesn't make any difference to the computer. Only the
left channel goes to the amplifier. I'll put both input and output ports
on the second speaker as well, so both can be connected at the same time
as the computer. Since they'll both have on/off volume controls, either
can be muted by turning it off. The on/off volume controls don't affect
the signal passing through the input and output ports; just what goes to
the speaker driver. 

So, this change means I'm back to amplifying each speaker individually.
To save weight and the inconvenience of charging two, both can be
powered externally without the internal battery installed. Also, if
folks would prefer it, I could put a power output port on the speaker,
and include a speaker-to-speaker power cord so that the battery in one
could power both for folks taking them portable. Or will folks taking
them portable be taking just one? 

Thanks and 73,
Robert (AG6ZZ)

On 2018-04-16 04:50, Don Wilhelm wrote:

> Robert,
> It is not the KX2/KX3 that decides which channel from the soundcard is used, 
> but the PC application software.  In general the left channel is used for 
> digital work, but some can reverse it.
> So it is best to buffer the PHONES output and send it off to a separate jack.
> 73,
> Don W3FPR
> On 4/16/2018 12:48 AM, Robert Morris wrote: 
>> Hi Don,
>> Thanks for your feedback. I'm hoping one volume knob will do the job for 
>> everyone else too. Plus, if the KX3 puts out enough signal for the PC, then 
>> you don't really want an amplifier in the signal path.
>> I want to be sure about the channel which needs to go to the sound card. Are 
>> you saying the left channel from the KX3 is the one the computer needs, or 
>> are you saying the computer needs the signal to be present on the left 
>> channel of its input? If it's the latter, then that is already how the SPX3 
>> is wired.
>> For the first prototype, the stereo output of the KX3 goes into the SPX3 
>> input port, then is split. The left channel goes to the amplifier, and the 
>> right goes to the left channel of the output port. Will that do the job, or 
>> does the computer really need the signal which originated from the left 
>> channel of the KX3? I don't see in the KX3 manual where it specifies which 
>> channel the digital mode signal is output. I had assumed it would be on both 
>> left and right channels.
>> Thanks and 73,
>> Robert (AG6ZZ)
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