I am trying to set up the K-pod to step through the K3 memories like using the 
M>V button and main dial.  To do so I've programmed 3 of the K3 pf buttons with 
one command each:
Macro 14 (labelled M>V) = SWT23;Macro 15 (labelled MEM UP) = UP;Macro 16 
(labelled MEM DN) = DN;
I realize that the UP and DN command are for menu items and frequency changes, 
but thought I would try them for this.
From the K3 Utility this works perfectly, replicating the radio front panel 
action exactly.  However, from the K-pod it doesn't work.  The M>V macro works, 
but MEM UP and MEM DN simply revert to the existing frequency. A second tap 
flashes the correct label on the K3 but nothing happens.
Can anyone shed light on why this works from the utility but not the K-pod?
And while I have the floor; I will re-utter my plaintive cry for a macro editor 
for the P3/SVGA.  I have no idea what is entailed in creating one, but it would 
make it so very much easier to work with them.
Chuck, NN7U
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