Just as "Life is too short for QRP", Life is too short for devoting my retirement years to learning Linux.

It seems these days more hams are professional computer geeks but total amateurs with understanding RF. Evidence: the growing population of wireless noise floor. Some day they will be looking for some old bent over RF engineer to rescue their mess (aka Y2K).

Me?  Just a bent former mw engineer (of course).  Keep the faith, Don!
My first computer was a Comadore-64. Then a job in 1982 with the original PC (8080) and DOS 1.1. Had to self-teach myself to program (BASIC) so I could do my job. I'm pretty good a coding but that bores the sh*t out me.

At a job interview with IBM many, many years ago, when asked what i was interested in doing, I answered microwave engineering ... I didn't get the job with IBM (LOL).

73, Ed - KL7UW
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