For the heck of it brought my KPA1500 from the basement to the shack desk. Ran 
a test with 10 CQ’s on 6M with 1K out on FT8. By the time the CQ’s were done 
the amp temp was up to about 75C. The amp is set so the fan is always on at #1.
Added two 4” 110VAC fans in series to cut down the speed and noise and covered 
the exhaust holes on the top of the amp to extract air. Then I tried with just 
one 4” fan in the center running full speed. Bottom line there was virtually no 
difference in the top temp of the amp with these settings. 
I know, not very scientific. Just seeing if there would be a noticeable 
difference with adding fans.
Time to move the amp back to the basement. I never hear my amps ☺
N2TK, Tony  

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