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   The smoke cleared last night when a cold front came in from the Gulf of Alaska.  I stopped sneezing soon afterward.  Most of the week the smoke from the forest fires out west have dominated the river valleys.  At my elevation the less dense smoke fills the forest.  The sun hasn't been the right color in about two weeks. But the wild life continues to mature.  The young Steller's Jays have almost got their adult plumage.  You can tell they are still young from their behavior.  One family of hummingbirds is left using the feeder.  They must have had to make another nest for them to be here this late in the season.  The deer are passing through eating what they can.  The new growth of fir needles is starting to harden so the best bits are gone.  This morning's rain is helping the last of the thimble berries ripen.

   Propagation should remain the same as it has been for the last month.  But the sun is setting noticeably earlier.  Fall conditions should begin soon.  Time for me to stop looking at peaveys and buy one.  It sure will help rolling logs as I cut them.  The cost of sharpening chains against the cost of a peavey should balance quickly.

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Kevin. KD5ONS


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