I power my KXPA100 with an old reliable Astron RS35A power supply that I
have used for years.  I have it up on a 3/8 in spacer above the carpet to
keep it a bit cooler.


I power my KX3 from the back of the KXPA100.  I had the amp and KX3 on when
a loose usb cable that was normally connected between my computer and my
Signalink, had been disconnected to connect the signalink to my Raspberry
Pi.  While the USB cable connected to the computer was loose, it curled
around I accidently kicked it and it slid under the power supply and
contacted one of nuts on the bottom of the power supply and sparked.  My KX3
stayed on for a few seconds, then shut off.  When I tried to power it up
again, it stayed on for about a second or so, then powered off.


I checked the Astron power supply and it continues to put out 14.5V. I
connected it back to one of the two Anderson PP connectors on the KXPA100
and there are no led's lighting up when the KXPA100 is on.  I put a volt
meter to the other Anderson Power Pole at the back of the KXPA100 and it is
showing 4.6 v. output, not the normal 12 + V.


I connected the 14.5 v. supply directly to the KX3 and it behaves the same;
stays on for a second or so, then powers off.


So, it appears that usb cable that found it's way under my power supply, has
done some kind of damage to both my KXPA100 and KX3.


I know there is no service currently at Elecraft, and when service resumes,
it may be months before I can get the equipment repaired.  To say I am
frustrated would be a gross understatement.  I can use my K2 and KX2, but
both will be QRP.


I am turning to the group to get any advice you might have at this point.


Thanks so much!




Terry, N7TB

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