I have a look at the test directory for the electric project, this provides 
me some unit test examples.

However, I would like to know if someone has an example on *how to generate 
a circuit (let's say an inverter) ?*
*My goal would be to have a string as output, such as:*
*Mn Z A gnd gnds nsvtlp l=0.08 w=0.15*
*Mp Z A vdd vdds psvtlp l=0.08 w=0.21*

*The code could be like the following lines:*
Mos pmos = new Mos("Mn").model("psvtlp").w(0.15).l(0.08)
Mos nmos = new Mos("Mp").model("nsvtlp").w(0.21).l(0.08)

Net netBetweenMos = new Net().head(pmos .getDrain()).tail((nmos .getDrain())

Pin pin_vdd = new Pin()
pin_vdd.connect(pmos .getSource())

Pin pin_gnd = new Pin()
pin_gnd.connect(nmos .getSource())

Pin pin_A = new Pin()
pin_A.connect(pmos .getSource())
pin_A.connect(nmos .getSource())

Pin pin_vdds = new Pin()
pin_vdds.connect(pmos .getBulk())

Pin pin_gnds = new Pin()
pin_gnds.connect(nmos .getBulk())

Circuit inverter = new Circuit(nmos, pmos)

inverter.toString() -> 
Mn Z A gnd gnds nsvtlp l=0.08 w=0.15
Mp Z A vdd vdds psvtlp l=0.08 w=0.21

Thanks a lot,

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