Lu sur Internet : ca craint pour les brushless non chinois

According to the new report on the world
 linear and torque motor market by IMS Research, the biggest threat to 
the market is the continuity of supply of rare-earth magnets, as the 
latest reports show that the Chinese Government intends to cut export 
quotas of rare earth material by 35% for the first half of 2011.
            It is widely accepted that China produces 97% of the 
world's rare-earth material and so controls the world market for it. 
According to China Custom Statistics, in 2010 China exported 39,813 
tonnes of rare earth material, much less than the nine-year average of 
60,000 tonnes a year (As estimated by  
The market for linear and torque motors had recovered to pre-downturn
 levels by the end of 2010 and is set for further strong growth in 2011 
and 2012. It poses several questions; how are direct-drive motor 
manufacturers going to ensure continuity of supply of rare-earth 
magnetic components, and what is the motivation behind the Chinese 
Government's manipulation of rare-earth supply? Is it simply driving up 
the price of a commodity under its control, or is it looking to increase
 local value-added production and level of technology?
The increasing number of direct-motor manufacturers opening 
production facilities in China or entering into partnerships with 
Chinese companies to produce rare-earth magnetic components suggests the
 latter. With the price of rare-earth material increasing with 
restricted exports, China is making a healthy profit made from those 
companies that choose to import rare earth raw materials - a win-win 


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