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  Vos enfants ont-ils des dons artistiques ?
  Pourquoi ne pas les faire participer cette année au concours des jeunesd 
artistes de la FAI ?
  Le thème choisi pour 2013 devrait vous (les) inspirer. Désolé, la 
présentation est en anglais.

  Get a chance to win a gold, silver or bronze medal ! 

  Like every year, the 2013 Young Artists Contest gives the opportunity for 
budding artists to express themselves artistically about a subject related to 
aviation. The contest is divided in three age categories (6-9, 10-13, 14-17 
years old).

  This year, the theme for the contest is "My Favourite Airsports".

  Interpretation of the 2013 theme
  The Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) was established in 1905 to 
promote Air Sports. Since that time, many new categories of Air Sports have 
been added to the list of competitions as they were developed around the world. 
Currently there are eleven categories of Air Sports competitions: 
    a..     Aerobatics 
    b..     Aeromodelling 
    c..     Amateur Built and Experimental Aircraft 
    d..     Astronautic Records 
    e..     Ballooning 
    f..     General Aviation 
    g..     Gliding 
    h..     Hang Gliding and Paragliding 
    i..     Microlight and Paramotor 
    j..     Parachuting 
    k..     Rotorcraft 

  Research each of the Air Sports listed above and pick out the one that you 
would most like to try out.  Which Air Sport will you choose?

  Think about what it would be like to fly upside down or cartwheel across the 
sky in an aerobatic plane.  Perhaps you would enjoy building a model plane or 
even a real one!  Would you like to pilot a balloon, a plane, a helicopter, a 
glider, or even a space ship?  Where will they take you and what would you see? 
 Imagine launching off the side of a hill or mountain, suspended below a hang 
glider or a paraglider, and silently gliding to earth.  If you wish to take off 
from level ground instead, you might prefer to fly a microlight or a paramotor! 
  Maybe you'll choose to step out of an aircraft, into thin air, and drift down 
to the ground under a parachute!

  Think about where you would do "Your Favorite Air Sport."  What will your air 
or space craft look like?  Ah, before you decide, imagine all of the 
possibilities, then pick up your favorite colored pens, pencils, or paint and 
create a poster of "Your Favorite Air Sport!"

  What should you do to enter ?
    a.. Contact the FAI Member in your country and check with them the deadline 
to submit your drawing 
    b.. Send your artwork to your FAI Member 

  The FAI Member in your country will proceed to the selection of the three 
best artworks in each category and send the chosen artworks to the FAI by 16 
April 2013. Entries will be judged by an International Jury at the end of April.

  Guy R.

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