Hier soir, en allant dîner chez des amis, on plein centre de Houston, de nuit, 
un gars faisait voler un drone tranquille, en pleine agglomération ......

c'est juste le début.


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> Le Dec 21, 2015 à 11:23, Guy Revel <guyre...@volny.cz> a écrit :
> Nouvelles des USA : On s'attend à 1 million de nouveaux drones jouets vendus 
> à Noël et utilisés par des jeunes ignorants de la pratique et de la 
> réglementation.
> "A new study released by The Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard 
> College offers a comprehensive examination of incidents involving drones and 
> manned aircraft in the national airspace over the past two years. Using data 
> from the FAA and Department of Interior, the report, "Drone Sightings and 
> Close Encounters: An Analysis," explores 921 incidents in the national 
> airspace from December 2013 to September 2015.
> The authors identified 327 close encounters in which drones presented some 
> level of hazard to manned aircraft, 90 of which involved commercial 
> multiengine jets. 
> The study found that incidents predominantly occurred far above the Federal 
> Aviation Administration's 400-foot ceiling for unmanned aircraft, often 
> within five miles of an airport. In August, the Department of Homeland 
> Security issued a warning after consumer drones flew close to commercial 
> aircraft at John F. Kennedy Airport three days in a row.
> The FAA's ruling that hobbyist pilots must register, which was issued earlier 
> this month, may at least reduce incidents caused by ignorance, as 
> registration includes a mandatory education component.
> The next year will be an important one for the FAA, which has resisted 
> imposing many strict rules around the use of hobbyist UAVs. If incidents rise 
> sharply as drones increase in popularity, however, it's likely the agency 
> will be forced to revisit its position."
> Guy R.

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