> For people that don't like them, what exactly is it about them that you
> don't like? And what would you suggest as replacement?

I don't like them because they constantly give me problems when merging and for 
me at least they only repeat, in a less convenient form, what the commit 
message already states. I like to put the "what" part in the commit message, 
too. And there I can write paragraphs of text that describe changes that span 
multiple directories. In ChangeLog I have to restrict myself to only that 
directory, which often doesn't make sense. So, the ChangeLog entries often are 
glorified "change line X in file Y", which doesn't really tell you what's going 
on. Also, the format encourages you to keep the ChangeLog entries overly short, 
which, especially in combination with the other problems, IMO makes them mostly 

So, as a replacement: Write more verbose commit messages.


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