Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <k...@iki.fi> writes:
> What to do?

My personal order of preference would be

> (e) Relicense ELinks so it becomes GPLv3 compatible: most likely
> (f) Relicense ELinks so it becomes GCC compatible even though not
> (a) Find some creative interpretation that allows binaries to be
> (h) Make sure that ELinks does not use any libraries from GCC.
> (g) Convince the FSF to allow distributing GCC runtime library
> (d) Switch to some other compiler entirely.  Perhaps TCC, or the
> (c) Keep compiling ELinks with older versions of GCC.
> (b) Stop distributing binaries.  Well we don't have any at

Anyone can hereby distribute my past contributions to the elinks
project under the terms of GPLv2 or later + openssl exception if that
helps at all. (I only wrote a small HTTPS proxy support patch ages

best regards,
Timo Lindfors

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