I am trying your patches, I get these messages from elinks, I think 
  the reason is patch #9:

DEBUG MESSAGE at /tmp/buildd/elinks-0.13~20090512/src/config/options.c:306: 
get_opt_*("document.browse.use_preferred_document_width") @ 
/tmp/buildd/elinks-0.13~20090512/src/document/options.c:37: call with wrapper 
for Boolean for option of type Integer

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 12:01:56AM -0400, yozoh...@gmail.com wrote:
> Option document.browse.preferred_document_width controls the
> width of the document, so that documents are rendered with narrower
> width than screen width.  Makes it easier to read paragraphs.
> Patch originally from Sharon Wood <ds...@pele.cx>, see bug #1063.
> Instead of using max_document_width as the hard limit to the document
> width, it uses a soft limit, where if the document does not fit (due to
> tables, etc.), then larger width is used.  This reduces the need for
> horizontal scrolling for wide documents.
> Also added toggle-document-width action to toggle between preferred
> width and full screen width.  Initial toggle status is determined by
> document.browse.use_preferred_document_width option.
---end quoted text---

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