Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters ha scritto:
> It looks like the only code that uses add_quoted_to_string is the
> options saving code and the options manager (via the write() callbacks
> in the options_types structure), and saving with config.saving_style = 1
> is already instantaneous for me, so it isn't all that time critical.
I noticed that too. 
If there's no apparent reason to change the code that way, I'd keep the 
old version.
> If the compiler inlines add_bytes_to_string, I don't see any difference
> between the old add_to_string and add_string_to_string and the new
> (besides debugging code, which can be eliminated by configuring with
> CONFIG_DEBUG undefined and CONFIG_FASTMEM defined).
Yes. I thought that the comment

    /* TODO Currently most of the functions use add_bytes_to_string() as a 
    *    instead we should optimize each function. */

suggested to rewrite those functions for both optimization and "form".


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