Hello folks: It's been a long time since I had a chance to work on any
elinks development stuff, however I am still plagued by a sense of
guilt whenever I need to access a Java-script encrusted web page.  It
seems that almost all web sites these days require a browser that
support it and there are still no text browsers that I know of that
do support it.  Elinks still comes closest and it is pretty poor at

I would like to start working on enhancing elinks handling of ECMA
script and would appreciate any help other developers would be willing
to give.  A valuable benefit would just be helping find the
appropriate parts of the code where various things are handled or not,
such as the <src...> tag.  I see a lot of the ECMA pages have src tags
near the top indicating one or more files which should be downloaded
with essential code for handling that page.  Having someone more
familiar with the elinks code base point out those sections would be
very helpful.

One of the jobs I believe needs to be done is to accumulate the
down-loadable source code from the src tags and then place it into a
buffer to be handed to the ECMA script interpreter with code from the
current page for execution.

I would also appreciate suggestions from other folks on the best way
to go about starting on the enhancements.  I am worried about heading
off in one direction making changes and then need to do a bunch of
rewriting later because I had my priorities out of order.

I'd like to hear other folks ideas and suggestions as well on what
needs doing and the order it should be attacked.
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