Not sure if elinks is supposed to build and work on Windows or not,
but I downloaded elinks-0.12pre5 and attempted to build it in MinGW
with msys.  Had a couple of issues with compiling.
In src/terminal/kbd.c, there was no define for VERASE and it had
issues with vdisable as well, so I defaulted vdisable to -1 and set a
define for VERASE just to get it to compile.

I did get it to build successfully, but when I tried to run it, I saw
the following on screen:
Then I got a pop-up window that the application had crashed:
elinks.exe has stopped working

Saw some previous posts in the list archives about MinGW support, so I
had hoped this would build on Windows.  Are there any other Windows
patches around or does anyone have any idea what else to try to get
this working?

Also saw the post in the archive where someone suggested adding
support for pdcurses.  Couldn't help wondering if that would work
better than termcap/terminfo at least on Windows (which doesn't really
have that).

Had hoped to tried elinks out and see what it could do.  Any further
suggestions appreciated.

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