* David b...@gmail.com <bluesrh...@gmail.com> [13-12/23=Mon 12:21 -0600]:
> please remove me

I'm willing to do that for you if it's geographically
convenient - the going rate is US$50,000 per hit,
bitcoins preferred - but you'll need to post some more
information, like a place and time where we can find
you.  It doesn't need to be your home; you might
prefer, for example, that we do it in some parking lot
where you'll be alone late at night.  It's up to you.

And, other people on this list: don't get confused into thinking
this guy just wanted to unsubscribe.  There's a perfectly clear
List-Unsubscribe header in EVERY EMAIL that would tell him how to
do that.  Assisted suicide is still illegal in most jurisdictions,
people in chronic pain with terminal illnesses suffer terribly
because of benighted government regulation of painkillers,
and it's the time of year to show a little
Christmas/Grav-Mass/Festivus compassion, pal, capisce?


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