We are in the process of adding support for new arch -ppc64le 
(powerpc 64-bit Little Endian) and I was looking at building "elinks" 
package on ppc64le environment and  found that "elinks" package require 
a patch to config.guess file.
Fortunatley , automake >=1.13.4 has all the needed bits to support 
building on ppc64le arch.

We would like to request you to upgrade "automake" in your build machine 
to >=1.13.4 and spin-off a new version of "elinks" and let us know the 
new tar availability. So that we can test it on ppc64le architecture for 

the release tarball that we picked is from 
"http://elinks.cz/download/elinks-0.12pre6.tar.gz";, which doesn't have 
the ppc64le support.

Your response is highly appreciated.

IBM LinuxTechnologyCenter

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