Kevin Crowe <> writes:

> Is this considered a bug (however trivial it might be) or is it intended
> behavior?  i.e. were there no changes to the elinkskeys man page from the
> 0.11.6 release so it was intentionally left at 0.11.6?

It's a bug.  elinks-0.12/doc/release.txt says all manpages should
have the updated version number.  However, I don't know whether
the bug in the distributed elinkskeys.5 was caused by a bug in
the build system or by a mistake in following the release process.

It seems the man page is otherwise up to date for elinks-0.11.7,
though.  I tried rebuilding it now, and the main content remained
the same, although the version number changed and newer DocBook
stylesheets also formatted things differently.

> I tried to look for known bugs here:
> but that site is not responding for me. seems to work OK now.
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