On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 09:54:04PM +0800, Tian You wrote:
> Thx for your reply, Simon.
> Yes, I tried to use "-dump", but cannot reach my goal.
> With -dump, there are two problems:
> 1, history file is not touched.
> 2, Can not handle redirection by meta tag and JavaScript.

Yeah, looks like it. So -dump won't work. Then you need a

> I try to use a browser, like Elinks, is because I want to find a way can
> resolve those redirections by one solution.
> And I'm sure Elinks could handle JavaScript better than my script :)

You could use Lua hooks to check the result (including the URL
IIRC). But I'm not sure how they handle with redirects.

I still think that wget/curl is a better solution for this

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