Le vendredi 13 juillet 2012, Gray, Steve, Wipro a écrit :
> Hello,


> In my .profile I have the variable ELINKS_CONFDIR set.  
> "ELINKS_CONFDIR=/opt/tribily/bin/elinks".

Is the variable exported to the environment (with "export ELINKS_CONFDIR" 
or "export ELINKS_CONFDIR=/opt/tribily/bin/elinks" to do everything in one 
time)? Otherwise it can’t be read from your script.

You could also use the -config-dir option of elinks if you don’t need 
ELINKS_CONFDIR for anything else.

> The /opt/tribily/bin/elinks/elinks.conf file has permissions of 777.

666 should suffice since it’s not supposed to be executed anyway (or even 
644 for more safety, it is not saved automatically by ELinks so you only 
need to be able to read it), but you should check the permissions of the 
/opt/tribily/bin/elinks directory.

> I am using elinks in a script that will monitor nginx, i.e. 
> "/opt/tribily/bin/elinks/src/elinks -source "http://$HOST:$PORT/nginx_status"; 
> | grep 'Reading' | awk '{print $2}'" 

If you only want to do that, you can do it with wget, with something like:
wget --quiet --output-document=- "http://$HOST:$PORT/nginx_status"; | grep 
'Reading' | awk '{print $2}'
Well, the command line is not really simpler, but wget only retrieves 
files, while ELinks has a lot of other features that you are not using 

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