On 01/09/12 12:09, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo wrote:
> Tobias Hoffmann<smilingt...@googlemail.com>  writes:
>> When (even accidentally) pressing Ctrl-Z in elinks and trying to go back
>> with "fg" it does not always restore the terminal correctly; it seems the
>> keyboard is in the wrong mode, so even Ctrl-L and Ctrl-C does not help.
>> Only way out is to Ctrl-Z again and "killall elinks"...
> This is an unfortunate incompatibility between ELinks and GNU bash.
> It does not happen with zsh 4.3.17.
> Running "killall -s CONT elinks" from another terminal may be a
> workaround.

Yes, this does help. And with
   killall -s CONT elinks & fg 1
# or, probably more reliable:
   (sleep 1; killall -s CONT elinks) & fg 1

a second terminal is not needed ;-)

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