* John Magolske <b79...@gmail.com> [120814 23:02]:
> I'm looking for a way to pipe the HTML of a page open in ELinks to
> another application without having to re-download the page. 
> I have a ELinks mapping & script that automates saving a web-page
> to text -- with two keypresses the HTML is converted to text and
> automatically opened in Vim for editing & saving to an appropriate
> location. Very handy, but this approach uses URI passing and %c,
> which involves re-downloading the HTML source over the net.
> [...]
> What I'd like to be able to do is pipe the source of an open page
> through `elinks -dump` without an internet connection, and without
> having to manually save it somewhere first.

I'm guessing the only way to do this would be through something like
a Lua scripting approach. If so, might anyone know of a script that
could provide a good starting point to learn from?



John Magolske
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