> W dniu 17.05.2013 o 22:47 Lars Bjørndal <l...@lamasti.net> pisze:
> >Hi
> >
> >I got a crash. Please see the gziped typescript file. If you need more
> >debuginfo packages installed, I'll do that.
> >
> >I'm running on a Fedora 18 i686 system, and the Elinks is from git today
> >with js-devel-1.8.5-12.fc18.i686.
> Try to compile with --enable-fastmem.
> If that does not help, try make clean
> I guess it is not the bug, but a compilation issue.

Sorry. That didn't do any difference. At leaset, Elinks still crashees
when opening the page in question.

I have another install on a computer running Fedora x86_64. On this
system, the program doesn't crash.

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