I wrote:

> On intranet at work, there sometimes happens to be unicode (UTF-8)
> characters such as a Norwegian ø in the filename. With lynx I can
> retrieve these files, but not with elinks. Is there something I can do
> to get elinks work also with these URLs?

Let me describe the problem some more:

- I'm using text console only from a Fedora system, with charset
  iso-8859-1. (Dont't think that that matter.)

- I use Elinks 0.13.GIT with ECMAScript (SpiderMonkey) built in.

- The intranet solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

- Some files that I want to download, such as pdf or docx has UTF-8
  characters in their file names, e.g. \303\270 as Will mentioned
  (thank you). When selecting such a link, Elinks asks me if I want to
  save the file, and I save it. The file content, however, is only
  this line: 404 NOT FOUND

- The file content is preserved if I use Lynx to download and save the

Hope this is clarifying

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