I am Keerti Gautam, a junior undergraduate pursuing Bachelors in Technology
in Electronics and Communication having some prior experience with coding
in Python and having worked with RPi, Intel Galileo and Arduino Uno in the
past two years. I was browsing through the proposed Outreachy project
ideas, and with the knowledge base that I have, I am more inclined towards
pursuing idea #2 which is, "iPython Notebook Example Extension".
I have been reading about it and I have a few doubts.

Reading the fishbowl-notebooks I am really convinced that implementing any
sort of a program like that would require connection with hardware,
Minnowboard in this case. I looked it up and much to my shock found it very
expensive, probably because of its capabilities. And hence I want to know
if there's any other way to work upon it without the hardware.
Further, I wanted to ask about the IDEs or compilers that would be required
for writing the examples, or simply writing python codes in linux would do
or not.
Subsequently, is there anything that would help in writing codes, if I need
to start using (and eventually getting used to working with) some dedicated
software, and learn some languages or frameworks of any sort.

I would really appreciate it if you could give some insights in this regard
and suggest answers to my queries!


*Keerti Gautam*

*Junior Undergraduate*

*B.Tech in Electronics and Communication EngineeringIndira Gandhi Delhi
Technical University for Women*
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