Jen venis plia ŝanĝo pri la monpeta programo de VMF: La programo TPS
(Subteno por Vojaĝo kaj Partopreno) estas nuligota kaj pli-mapli
anstataŭigota per aliaj programoj. Plenaj informoj sube.

Do, malgraŭ la fino de la programo vi plu havas eblon peti (ne nur)
financan helpon por aktive partopreni diversajn eventojn promocianta
vikimediajn valorojn!

KuboF Hromoslav (Michal Matúšov)

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From: Katy Love <>
Date: 2018-03-12 19:30 GMT+01:00
Subject: TPS program closing
To: Katy Love <>

Hello friends and colleagues!

The WMF Community Resources team is closing one of our smaller funding
programs, Travel and Participation Support (TPS) [1].  *TPS will no longer
accept applications as of May 1, 2018.*

Some background: TPS was created in 2011 as a movement outreach program. It
reimburses travel expenses for Wikimedian volunteers who present about
Wikimedia at non-Wikimedia events. Its closure comes as a consequence of
the grants restructure following our 2015 Reimagining Grants consultation.
[2] As we have redesigned our grant programs to better meet the needs of
our stakeholders, we are no longer resourced to support TPS as a separate

*We will continue to* *support travel requests as part of our other grant
programs*, as follows:

*Rapid Grants* will now fund travel requests for non-Wikimedia events from
individuals for up to $2,000 USD, prioritizing applications that include
all of the following:
* Wikimedian presenters who have a special area of expertise in relation to
their target audience (for example, a psychology professor who is sharing
about Wikimedia projects at an academic conference for other psychology
* outreach activity with a training component and a plan for online
follow-up providing ongoing mentorship and support (editing training,
editathon, etc.)
* regional travel requests under $2,000 USD

*Rapid Grants* will continue to fund travel expenses for local Wikimedia
events. Learn more here: https://meta.wikimedia.o

*Conference and Events Grants* will continue to support travel scholarships
for Wikimedia events. Note that this funding is awarded to conference
organizers who then manage requirements for participants. Requests for more
than $10,000 USD are required to start the application process 6 months
before the date of the proposed event. Learn more here:

*Wikimania Scholarships* will continue to support travel scholarships for
Wikimania. Learn more here: https://meta.wikimedia.o

You are welcome to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Warm regards,
Katy Love

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