As someone who uses charlists extensively for erlang integration I would 
prefer them to stay, however I understand that a lot of programmers coming 
from poorly made languages like javascript do expect 'string' to be a 
string just like "string".  However, from a C++ perspective a 'string' is 
expected to be an 'array of characters' (though highly limited in length), 
which is similar to a 'list of characters' of how it is now.

For purely ease-of-use for newbie programmers coming from web languages, it 
might be best to deprecate it and just use ~c.

But from lower level languages like C++ and for integration with erlang I 
do prefer 'string', plus it is not hard for a half-decent IDE to colorize 
"string" and 'string' differently like atom does (teal for "string", blue 
for 'string' for me).

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 11:04:07 AM UTC-6, José Valim wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have mentioned a couple times we would start a discussion for 
> deprecating 'single quotes as char lists' from the language.
> The use of single quotes to specify something that looks like a string but 
> isn't really a string is often a source confusion. This is specially 
> frustrating given the expectation brought from other languages where double 
> and single quoted strings can be used almost interchangeably.
> We already have a quite decent way of writing char lists, which is by 
> using sigils: ~c"foo". For new developers, printing a char list as a 
> ~c"foo" will likely give them better clues the type is not the same as 
> "foo".
> Of course we should not drive decisions based purely on the getting 
> started experience but I believe the sigil approach will be clearer for 
> beginner and advanced programmers alike.
> The plan is not to deprecate them now but rather in the long term. 
> Something like this:
> 1. Elixir v1.4 will inspect 'abc' as ~c"abc"
> 2. Elixir v1.6 will effectively deprecate 'abc'
> 3. Elixir v2.0 "who knows when" will remove single-quotes
> Thoughts?
> *José Valim*
> Skype: jv.ptec
> Founder and Director of R&D

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