Hi all,

I ran across a case where I wanted to try to convert a string to an 
existing atom or create a new one if there is no such atom.  So I hacked 
this together:

defmodule String.Extensions do
  def to_existing_or_new_atom(s) when is_binary(s) do
    a =
      try do
        ArgumentError -> String.to_atom(s)

I find it hard to believe that I'm the first person to come across this 
issue and so I'm inclined to think there's a good reason that this isn't 
already part of the string module.  I'm guessing that probably we want to 
see if we try to convert to an existing atom and it's not there.


a.) Would this be a welcome PR?

b.) Assuming it wouldn't  am I correct in assuming we want the exception 
thrown if we try to convert to a non-existent atom?  As I say this seems so 
obvious I find it very hard to believe I'm the first one to run across 
this.  I did a quick search but didn't really turn anything up on this.

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