Same as David Legard for me, stopped working in a dropbox folder, moved to 
non syncing and it worked. Haven't seen the issue anymore.

 On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 6:03:35 PM UTC+3, kiran kumar BS wrote:
> Hello Team,
> I am trying to setup a small ELM project but failed due to some permission 
> issues while installing elm packages.
> Please find below sample
> C:\Users\xxx\Elm\random_gif>elm package install elm-lang/html
> Some new packages are needed. Here is the upgrade plan.
>   Install:
>     elm-lang/core 4.0.5
>     elm-lang/html 1.1.0
>     elm-lang/virtual-dom 1.1.1
> Do you approve of this plan? [Y/n] y
> Starting downloads...
>   * elm-lang/html 1.1.0
> elm-package.exe: elm-lang-core-a46ebed: MoveFileEx "elm-lang-core-a46ebed" 
> "elm-lang\\core\\4.0.5": permission denied (Access is denied.)
> I have tried many times but no success. I am moving manually after 
> respective packages downloaded.
> Thanks,
> Kiran.

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